How Do I Get A Pet License Tag?

Dogs with License Tags

Our Pets are like our children. We feed them, shelter them, and sometimes cloth them to keep them warm or to celebrate a special occasion/Holiday. Did you know that many Cities/Counties/Towns have laws regarding your Pets?

Where Can I Get A Pet License Tag? Residents can obtain a Pet License Tag through their Local Animal Services Center. You can usually get a Pet License Tags from a Licensed Veterinarian or thru the Animal Services Resource Center in your area by mail, by Fax, in person, or online.

Is It Required that I Get A License Tag For My Pet?

It is required by law that owners obtain a license for their Pets. The License Tag acts as identification if your pet is ever lost, and it serves as proof that your Pet have their current Rabies Vaccination. This ID tag must always be affixed to that Pet’s collar.

Do Relocating, Seasonal Resident, or Student Need to Get a License Tag?

Most communities give new residents 30 days to follow their Pet licensing requirements. Also, if you reside within a community for more than 30 days with your Pet(s), you are supposed to follow the licensing requirements set forth.

What Pets Need To Get A License Tag?

  • Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets (in some States)
  • Your Pet is 4 months of age or older

Do Pet License Tags Cost Money?

Yes! Pet License Tags cost money, but the fee may be exempt for any guide dog, hearing dog, service dog, war dog, working search dog, detection dog, police work dog, or therapy dog.

The Cost will depend on:

  • Type of Pet
  • If your Pet is Spayed/Neutered
  • How many years you want your license for
  • If you want a Replacement License Tag

How Do I Get A License Tag for My Pet?

#1: You must receive a Rabies Vaccination Certificate from a licensed Veterinarian


#2: Provide an exemption letter from a licensed Veterinarian on why your pet cannot receive the Rabies Vaccination. Most communities require Pets to still be licensed even with this exemption. In some cases, these medical exemptions are only good for one year.

Your Local Animal Services Resource Center may require the following to obtain a Pet License Tag:

  • Copy of your Pets Current Rabies Vaccination (must include vaccination information with a licensed Veterinarian signature) or Exemption Letter from a licensed Veterinarian
  • Proof that your Pet has been spayed/Neutered
  • License Fee required by your County that meets your Pets situation
  • License Application required by your Local Animal Services Resource Center (usually a PDF of Owner and Pet information)

Most States offer many ways to obtain a License Tag for your Pet(s).

  • From a Veterinarian – Most Veterinary Clinics are required to make the County License Tag available at their location.
  • In Person at the Animal Services Resource Center – Visit your local Animal Services Resource Center.
  • By Mail – Each State will have a mailing address to obtain your Pets County License Tag. Just be sure to include all required documents and your fee.
  • By Fax – Some States will allow you to fax documents and make payment via telephone using a credit card.
  • Online – Some States will allow you to apply for a Pet License online.

Some may feel like you are dishing out money to get a Pet License Tag for no reason. However, if you do find yourself in a situation where your Pet is lost or missing, most Animal Services will hold your Pet longer if your Pet is carrying a current registered license tag in that community. Animal Services will try to reach out to the owner of the Pet in their possession before allowing said Pet to be put up for adoption.

*This article is for information purposes only and any concerns should be discussed with your local State.


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