Why Do Dogs Dig?

Dog Digging

How many of you believe you may have a mole problem in your yard because there is no way your Dog could Dig that many holes? I have to watch where I am going, so I do not break an ankle.

Why do Dogs dig? Dogs dig to entertain themselves, to burn energy, to aid their anxiety, to look for something in the ground, or are among a breed that are bred to dig.

Examining Digging Behavior

Dogs dig wholes in our yard, dig the fabric of our furniture, dig our carpet, dig our blankets, dig more things then we can name. Believe it or not their are several reasons Dogs Dig.

  • Entertainment – Dogs like to be entertained. When entertainment is lacking, Dogs, just like children, make up their own games. One of these games to keep them occupied may be digging. This is especially true for a Dog with no playmates or toys.
  • Burn Energy – Dogs are meant to be active. If they do not get enough exercise each day, they may use digging to help burn some of that pent up energy.
  • Anxiety – Those Dogs that suffer from anxiety may channel that negative energy into digging. Anxiety can stem from everything from loud sounds, like thunderstorms to separation anxiety when you leave for work.
  • Searching For Something In The Ground – Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and hearing that they use to find things. Some Dogs may dig because they want to find the creature under the ground they hear, or the bug they just saw go underground, or the food item they smell in the couch.
  • Bred To Dig – Some Dogs were genetically bred to dig, especially hunting Dogs. Dogs are trained to Dig up truffles in the ground, find rodents dwel

How Do I To Manage Digging?

First, investigate why you Dog is Digging. Once you have the reason behind the digging, try to assist your Dog in resolving their issue.

For example:

  • If your Dog is Digging to locate a mole in your yard, try to safely remove the mole or fence off that area of the yard.
  • If your Dog is very active, try exercising them more with an additional walk or a running game.
  • If your Dog needs more entertainment, try getting them a few new toys. Any Dog puzzle toys will be a fund challenge to keep your Dog entertained.
  • If your Dog is bred to Dig, it really isn’t their fault for Digging holes in your ground. Try building a kids sandbox and putting Dog friendly toys in it, so they can have fun with their digging skills.
  • If your Dog is Digging due to anxiety, you may need to visit a Vet, who may recommend Canine Calming Treats.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Digging?

After you find out why your Dog is Digging, they may still have tendency’s to continue this behavior. To help stop them from Digging, you will need to supervise your Dog, then redirect their digging behavior when it happens.

Ways to redirect your Dog from Digging:

If you are unable to supervise your Dog in the yard and he/she is still a digging machine, you may need to crate your Dog while unsupervised or leave your Dog in a fenced outdoor area that does not include dirt, like gravel asphalt, or patio tiles. Your little Digger may still Dig in these surface areas, so be your Dog cannot escape the fenced designated area.

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*This article is for information purposes only and any health concerns should be discussed with your veterinarian.





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