How Much Are Pet Visits?

Pet Office Visits

As a Pet owner, we want what is best for our Pets because they are part of our family, but we also want to save money where we can.

How much are Pet visits? Pet office visits are around $50-$75, Emergency Pet visits are about $100-$250, not including treatments, and Pet Vaccines can start from $150 or more depending on if your Dog needs all Core Vaccines and what additional Non-Core Vaccines are recommended for your your Dog.

How Much Are Vet Visits?

How Much Are Pet Office Visits?

Vet office visits can vary depending on why your Dog is being seen in the office. Most general Vets charge between $25-$75 for a basic visit. Some offices will charge less for a follow up visit and more for a longer visit. For Example, Petmd states an office can charge $48 for a regular visit, then $25 for follow-up visits or brief exams. If the visit is longer than average, the office visit may cost you $65. Per Petmd, a Vet office visit should ALWAYS come with a full physical exam. (See also, “What To Expect At A Vet Visit?“)

How Much Are Pet Vaccinations?

After the physical exam, the Vet will discuss what Core and Non-Core Vaccinations are recommended for your Pet. All Pets NEED Core Vaccines and your Vet will recommend Non-Core Vaccines depending on your Pet’s risk of exposure, like your Pet’s lifestyle or where your live on the map. (See also, “What Vaccines Do Dogs Need?“)

The Average cost of Vaccinations per shot are between $20-$40 depending on the expense of the shot to the office. On average Private Vet Offices charge between $15-$28 per shot, plus the exam fee. Low-Cost clinics charge about $10-$15 per shot. Most Vet Offices will offer a one cost bundle for multiple preventative services that includes the Physical Exam.

How Much Are Emergency Vet Costs?

As we all know, accidents happen in life and sometimes we need immediate care. This can happen when your Pet is in your care or it can happen when your pet in in the care of a Pet Sitter (See “What Do I Need To Tell A Pet Sitter?“). Just like when we go to the ER or Urgent Care, Emergency Vet Costs can vary depending on why you are bring your Pet in.

Emergency Vet Costs can start at $100-$150 for the exam/consultation alone, and can increase drastically depending on the size of your Pet, if your pet needs lab work, x-rays, an ultrasound, surgery, etc.

Reasons To Go To An Emergency Vet Clinic

  • Your Vet’s office is closed and you have a “Real” Emergency that cannot wait until your Pet’s Veterinary office is opened. (See also articles on “What Table Foods Are Bad For Dogs?” and “What Should I Do If My Pet Eats Grease?“)
  • Your Vet’s office does not have the capability to take care of your Pet’s specific issue
  • Your Vet’s office cannot provide overnight care for instances where your Pet needs overnight care due to surgery or hospitalization.

General Cost Breakdown of Diagnostic and Treatment Emergency Vet Clinic Costs

Per Emergency Vet USA, the chart below is an average breakdown of Diagnostic and Treatment Costs your Pet may need at an Emergency Vet Clinic.

Note: Other costs may occur on top of these fees, like the costs of Medications, Follow up Appointments, and/or additional Office Fees.

General Blood work$80-$200$80-$200
1-2 Day Hospitalization
(vomiting/diarrhea, seizures)
3-5 Day Hospitalization
(kidney failure, blocked cat, parvo)
Wound Treatment & Repair$800-$2,000$1,000-$2,500
Oxygen Therapy

(heart failure, pneumonia, asthma)
Emergency Surgery

(bloat, foreign body, hit by car)

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*This article is for information purposes only and any health concerns should be discussed with your veterinarian.


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